Innovating immunotherapies, transforming tomorrow

myNEO Therapeutics is a distinguished biopharmaceutical powerhouse, dedicated to pioneer breakthrough immunotherapies to fight cancer. We are leveraging our discovery ImmunoEngine platform to tap into novel promising tumor targets found in the dark genome – named camyotopes™ – which have the potential to unlock immunotherapy for large patient populations who do currently not respond.

Tapping into the dark genome

We unravel the untranslated dark language of the tumor genome.

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Leveraging best-in-class IO targets

We discover more and better targets with our proprietary myNEO™ technology.

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Crafting a new future for cancer therapy

We pioneer breakthrough immunotherapies with data-driven precision.

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A novel dark antigen class

We believe camyotopes are a game changing set of tumor targets with unparalleled potential for therapeutic cancer vaccine development.

Specific translation in cancer

Camyotopes display specific translation only in cancer cells, limiting off-target toxicity.

Very high abundance within patients

De-risking immune escape and increasing potential for effective response.

Exceptional immunogenicity

Unlocking first-in-class targets from the under-exploited dark genome.

More than 95% target population coverage

Enabling off-the-shelf treatment for a wide spectrum of patients.

Innovating immunotherapies,
transforming tomorrow

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