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At myNEO Therapeutics, we hold a deep appreciation for the power of partnership and collaboration in driving the development of innovative immunotherapies. We believe that by combining forces and expertise, we can unlock new possibilities and accelerate progress in the fight against cancer.
Through strategic alliances and collaborative endeavors with leading researchers, healthcare institutions, and industry pioneers, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of science and medicine.

Together, we aim to revolutionize cancer treatment, offering hope and better outcomes to patients and their families. In our relentless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions, we recognize that teamwork and shared knowledge are the cornerstones of our mission to make a lasting impact on cancer care.

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What our partners say

It’s a real pleasure to collaborate with myNEO Therapeutics; innovative and solid science deliverd by a creative and dynamic team!

Sofie Pattijn

CTO and founder at ImmunXperts
a Nexelis company

myNEO Therapeutics is a top partner for a project where academia and biotech reinforce one another. Though the teams never met ‘in person’, the collaboration was immediately, pleasant, constructive and successful. We look forward to a long and productive collaboration.

Jack Schalken

Professor at Radboud University
Medical Center

We really appreciate the way the myNEO Therapeutics team involves the eTheRNA team during the conduct of the project. The very clear and concise reporting of myNEO Therapeutics was extremely helpful to make the right decisions. Thanks to the myNEO Therapeutics team for the good collaboration

Tim Van Assche

Business Development and Alliance Manager at eTheRNA immunotherapies

Innovating immunotherapies,
transforming tomorrow

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