Abera Bioscience and myNEO Therapeutics sign strategic partnership agreement within personalized cancer vaccines
3 May 2022

Abera Bioscience, a listed Swedish company with vaccine platforms for prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines today signed an agreement with Belgian company myNEO Therapeutics for collaboration within the neoantigen field. The companies will work closely together to assess compatibility and efficacy of the companies’ platforms. 

myNEO Therapeutics is a biotech company that focuses on development and validation of neoantigen-driven cancer immunotherapies. myNEO Therapeutics has developed a patient-specific tumor screening platform for neoantigen identification, selection and prediction. The ImmunoEngine enables determination of immunogenic peptides uniquely presented on tumor cells of a patient which are then incorporated in a cancer vaccine, to stimulate the recognition of the tumor by the patients’ own immune system.

“myNEO Therapeutics has a unique technology for neoantigen prediction and already at our first meeting we understood that our platforms could be a very good fit for further development of personalized tumor therapy. We are very impressed with what myNEO Therapeutics has achieved and we look forward to the collaboration that will take place over an extended time and include both in vitro and in vivo models. Strengthened by what we have seen others achieve with similar set-ups we look very much forward to what might come from this collaboration” says Maria Alriksson, CEO at Abera Bioscience.

The listed Abera Bioscience company is a vaccine platform development company with a highly immunogenic platform enabling high density display of proteins, like antigens and neoantigens on the surface of bacterial-derived vesicles. With an efficient plug’n’play-like technology new vaccine candidates can be designed in a short time.

“As we have worked towards clinical applications of our platform, we have sensed that a highly immunogenic platform is important for the development of next generation personalized immunotherapies. We have reason to believe that Abera can provide that and together with our efficient neoantigen prediction platform and the combined expertise in this collaboration we are excited to start to explore this opportunity” says Cedric Bogaert, CEO at myNEO Therapeutics.

About Abera Bioscience AB

Abera Bioscience AB is a listed Swedish vaccine and biotechnology company founded in 2012 based on molecular biology research at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Stockholm University. Abera possesses an in-house developed proprietary platform technology, BERA, which enables efficient development of vaccines based on bacterial OMV (Outer Membrane Vesicles) technology. Based on the platform technology, the Company has developed vaccines and currently focuses on two main tracks – pneumococcus and immune oncology.