prof. Wim Van Criekinge, PhD

Wim and Jan are the founders of Novalis Biotech Incubation. Wim is a professor in computational genomics and bioinformatics at Ghent University, and has strong track record for practical application of his expertise into innovative biotech business concepts. Wim Van Criekinge PhD is a tenured professor at the University of Ghent.

He founded and heads the laboratory for computational genomics and bioinformatics (BIOBIX) as well as the core sequencing facility (NXTGNT) with global collaborative reach across applied bioscience and clinical discovery.  Wim’s lab was the first to employ routine whole epigenomics sequencing at scale in pursuit of diagnostic discovery and his lab has published results in nearly 200 peer-reviewed papers.

Wim has successfully applied his knowledge in bioinformatics, (epi)genetics and diagnostics through extensive collaborations as well as in founding innovative start-ups that resulted in successful exits (Devgen, Genohm, etc… ). He currently serves as the CSO of MDxHealth, a public biotech company with a focus on uro-oncology and holds several board memberships in biotech start-up companies. Wim holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Ghent, Belgium, where he also earned his PhD in Molecular Biology in 1998.